3 Career Fields In Neonatology

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Working in the field of neonatology is desirable if you enjoy helping mothers with their new babies. Although neonatology primarily focuses on the baby, the field is more complex and also integrates the health and well-being of new mothers.

Neonatology Physician/Physician's Assistant

The physician and physician's assistant (PA) go through classical training, such as medical school or PA school, and these professionals may further specialize in the are of neonatology. Physicians and PAs work closely with other team members, such as the obstetrician and pediatric specialists to address concerns related to maternal-fetal health shortly before and after birth. Some professionals may also want to work with babies who have special needs and require care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). In many cases, these babies are born premature or might have congenital issues that make them high-risk for further complications.

Neonatal Nursing

There are many types of nurses who work within the neonatology specialty, some have advanced education to work in the field, whereas others may simply elect to work in the field if there is a job opening. Opportunities for nurses in neonatology may exist regardless of the level of education, from an associates degree to Ph.D., with nurses who have advanced education generally having more options for specialization and advancement in the field. Certified nursing assistants (CNA), licensed practical nursing (LPN), and nurse practitioners (NP), are among other paths in nursing that may lead to working closely with mothers and babies, or serve as the gateway to additional training to specialize.


Doulas are an increasingly popular career field for people who want to assist expectant mothers and new babies. Their role is different from a midwife because they are not medical professionals and are not trained to deliver babies. One of the major benefits of becoming a doula is assuming the role of advocacy for the mother. Unfortunately, more issues are surfacing in regards to complications and fatalities of mothers who have recently delivered babies. Doulas frequently provide support to the mother before delivery and can be a voice for mothers who have recently delivered, especially if they notice any signs of complications. After the baby is born and the mother is at home, doulas may also help the mother adjust to having a new baby at home.

There are many career fields that provide direct interaction with mothers and their new babies. The career path that is right for you will depend on how much education you want to pursue and if you want a career that is designed to have more interaction with mother and baby. For more information, contact a company like Kidz Medical Services today.