First Summer With Your Hearing Aids? How To Keep Them Safe During The Warm Weather

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If this is going to be your first summer wearing hearing aids, you might not be prepared for warm-weather care. Unfortunately, not providing your hearing aids with the proper care during the summer can leave you with some serious ear issues. Not to mention the fact that issues that come up during the summer can actually damage your hearing aids. To help you avoid problems with your ears, and your hearing aids, here are some tips you'll need to follow.

Let Your Hearing Aids Breathe at Night

You do a lot of sweating during the summer. Some of that moisture is going to get inside your ears. Unfortunately, allowing moisture to build up inside your hearing aids can lead to some serious problems. Moisture can cause corrosion on your batteries, and it can also lead to mold growth inside your hearing aids. To stop moisture from becoming a problem, you should let your hearing aids breathe at night. When you take your hearing aids out before bed, open the battery compartment. This will allow your hearing aids to dry out overnight.

Avoid Getting Your Hearing Aids Wet

In addition to protecting your hearing aids from moisture buildup associated with sweat, you also need to make sure that they don't come in contact with water. Swimming with your hearing aids in place can damage your ears and your hearing aids. If you're going to be going swimming, be sure to take your hearing aids out first. If you're at a get-together, and it looks like horseplay is about to ensue, take your hearing aids out in advance. That way, you're not caught off-guard if you happen to fall, or get pushed, into the water.

Invest in a Protective Carrying Case

If you're going to be traveling this summer, or you plan on spending time at the lake or beach, be sure to invest in a protective carrying case. Having a safe place to store your hearing aids will help protect them from sun and water damage. The carrying case will also help keep dirt and sand out of your hearing aids.

Apply Your Sunscreen Carefully

If you're going to be wearing sunscreen, which you should do during the summer, it's important that you apply it carefully. The oils contained in sunscreen can damage your hearing aids. The best way to avoid damaging your hearing aids is to apply the sunscreen before you place your hearing aids in your ears. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your hearing aids.

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