3 Reasons You Might Have A Low Sperm Count

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If you and your wife have been trying to get pregnant, and you have been having trouble, you might want to take a look at your lifestyle. There are many different things in your daily life that can have a negative effect on your sperm count. Some of them are issues you probably know are unhealthy anyways (such as smoking) so this will give you further motivation to eliminate them from your life, while other issues will surprise you.

You Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for you, and among the negative health effects (including cancer) of smoking is a lowered sperm mobility. Beyond that serious issue, there is also the problem that when the egg is fertilized, the chance of survival and a successful pregnancy is also lowered. The same chemicals in cigarettes that lead to cancer end up damaging the DNA of your sperm, so if you are currently smoking it is the first thing you need to do to improve your changes of conceiving a child with your wife.

Long Bike Rides Are Your Passion

This one might come as a bit of a shock to you. While behavior such as smoking are known to be unhealthy, riding a bike for exercise is generally considered to be a healthy pastime. And it is, except when it comes to sperm mobility and getting pregnant. The problem lies in the prolonged pressure due to the seat, as well as other factors such as restrictive clothing. The studies have found long distance cyclists are at risk, though people who ride in rough terrains are also putting themselves at risk because of the jolting, bumpy rides that can put undue stress on the area. So, if you are an avid cyclist it would be wise to abstain from cycling while you and your wife are trying to get pregnant. Take up something less stressful on your groin area, such as swimming or jogging.

Your Laptop Actually Sits On Your Lap

If you frequently use a laptop when you work, and actually have it on your lap and not a desk, then you're also exposing yourself to a risk. The risk here has to do with heat, not so much with the wireless aspect of laptops (the risk of which is still being debated). But there is no debate as to the problem of heat. Heat in the form of hot tubs, heated car seats, or hot laptops are all things you need to avoid. The solution to this is to get a wooden board that you can place over your lap. Using a pillow is not a great idea because it can transfer the heat, and a pillow might also block the laptop's fan (which can cause the laptop to overheat—which is dangerous for both the laptop and your own needs). A hard wooden board will not block the cooling fan, and it will also prevent the transfer of heat to your lap.

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