How Can A Doula Help You? 3 Ways

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A doula is a hired person to help guide you through your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. A doula is not a medical professional, but they are qualified in what they do and can be very beneficial to you during this time. They can also be beneficial to your partner as well, as they are going to know more about childbirth and ways to help, more-so than your partner. If you haven't considered a doula, read on for ways one can be helpful to you.


A doula is knowledgeable about childbirth and ways to help keep you comfortable in the time leading up to actual childbirth. They can help you throughout your pregnancy, as well as while you are in labor and even during active labor. A doula will be there every single step of the way to provide their knowledge to help make your pregnancy and labor the best it can possibly be. This goes for if you are planning an at-home delivery, a cesarean delivery, or even if you are planning on having an epidural. They can help provide guidance during the entire process.


You may have a birth plan in place and want it to go the exact way you want it, even down to who gets to come up to see you or who is allowed in the room with you. A doula can also help with this portion of your birth plan, being the mediator and removing anyone you didn't want to be a part of your birth plan, and giving you the time you need after you give birth so you can rest or take time out with just you, your partner and your baby. A doula can also help you stay on track with your birth plan to make your birth experience the best one it can possibly be.


Your partner is going to be your support system, but at some point during your long labor, your partner is going to get tired, which is when the doula is going to come in handy. While your partner is resting, your doula will be there to offer the support you need to keep going. You need a team behind you, and your partner may not be enough. You need someone that will have your best interest at heart and keep your birth plans in mind without any judgment at all. 

A doula may cost a little extra money, but the knowledge and support that they offer are going to be worth it. It can help make your birth experience a much better one for you, your baby, and your partner.  For more information, contact doula program services in your area.