Times That You Shouldn't Hesitate To Call The Nurse While In Urgent Care

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When you visit an urgent care center for a medical emergency, you'll often find yourself lying in bed and resting. While your nurse will check in on you regularly, you have to keep in mind that she is also tending to other patients, including some whose injuries or illnesses may be more serious than yours. This, however, doesn't mean that you should go without the care and attention you need. Instead of waiting for your nurse to make her rounds, you can summon her with your call button, which is often attached to your bed. Here are some times that you should press the button:

Your Pain Is Increasing

Whether you had pain medication a while ago and your pain is slowly coming back, or you're suddenly noticing pain that wasn't there before, you shouldn't hesitate to call your nurse. Depending on the issue that brought you to the urgent care center, it's possible that your pain will escalate significantly. Pain medication can make you more comfortable, which is one of your medical team's chief goals.

Your IV Machine Is Beeping

IV machines can begin to beep for a number of different reasons, including issues such as the IV bag being empty and the machine running low on its battery backup if it isn't plugged into the wall. In many cases, urgent care nurses will hear your machine beeping and will pay you a visit. However, if a nurse doesn't arrive soon after the machine begins to beep, call the nurse to alert her to the issue.

You Can't Use The Bathroom Alone

At some point, you may need to get up to use the bathroom. You'll need to evaluate how confident you feel in being able to do so. For example, if you feel lightheaded from your illness, injury, or even your medication, you may not feel as though you can walk to the bathroom on your own. Don't take a chance and risk falling and hurting yourself. Instead, call a nurse for help.

You Need To Move

Depending on your degree of mobility, you might have trouble turning over in your bed or otherwise moving. Staying in the same position can increase your pain, which can be a problem if you're already dealing with an injury. There's no shame in asking for help with moving, and your nurse can help you to roll onto your other side to feel more comfortable, for example.

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